The Mouse Bride

The Mouse Bride is a project that I began many years ago and put aside. It is based on a Japanese folktale. Mouse parents want their daughter to marry the most powerful person in Japan. They start by asking the Sun to marry heróbut the Sun is covered by the Cloud; the Cloud is blown away by the Wind; the Wind canít blow down Stone Wall; and Stone Wall crumbles because he is nibbled by Mouse Boy. Therefore, it seems that Mouse Boy is the most Powerful person in Japanóand he marries Daughter Mouse, as she had always wanted.

The project was carried out in full watercolor. A series of graduated washes was used to give the effect of solid form, light and shadow. All details were studied from traditional Japanese art, especially the prints of Hokusai. To the left you will find details from a few preparatory sketches as well as finished illustrations to show something of my working process.

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